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HUD color tweak

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In 1.1, you can make the HUD color customized.

Open \Config\View\view.lua , scroll down to the section shown below and edit the numbers.

You can set the color for each aircraft.


-- HUD RGB color

HUDColor = {}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {0, 255, 0}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_33] = {0, 255, 0}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_25] = {255, 255, 0}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_39] = {0, 255,0} <-- Su-25T

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29] = {0, 255, 0}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29K] = {0, 255, 0} <-- No use

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iA_10] = {0, 255, 0}

HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iF_15] = {0, 255, 0}


I can show you some color samples.


The colors you are familialized with:


Green : 0, 255, 0

Deep Green : 0, 192, 0

Dark Green : 0, 128, 0


Yellow : 255, 255, 0

Deep Yellow : 192, 192, 0

Dark Yellow : 128, 128, 0


Red : 255, 0, 0

Deep Red : 192, 0, 0

Dark Red : 128, 0, 0


My choice is this:


Mint Green : 70, 255, 160


I tried this color in various situations and it looked natural and easy to read anytime.

I took some screenshots of my mint green HUD.



This is the actual color you can refer.



How do you think?


Anyway, find the color you like and have fun! :D


EDIT: I attached the sample file of mint green HUD.


TekaTeka from Japan


Visit my site Beyond Visual Range.

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Old news, im flying with a black hud in the 1.1 demo from day one

I really got fed up with the green thingie, so I deceided to take a look at those lua files, then I discovered that setting the last values to 225 made the hud white (lol, then I realised colours are being made of red+green+blue, so changed the last digits to 0 :P)

Creedence Clearwater Revival:worthy:

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devs! can u introduce values in the LUA so that we can change the HUD stuff transparency?


btw...tekateka thanx for that...will remember to use this colour when I get the CD version of 1.1 ;)

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I haven't had more than about 10 minutes to fiddle with 1.1 since it came out, so I don't know the answer to this fairly simple question: does the HUD color change function (Ctrl-H) not work anymore? Or are you just showing a better default color?

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Absolutely phenomenal tweak. The change, though minor, is amazingly helpful. It does look overwhelmingly more realistic. Though definitely not an original find like others have noted, It definitely is helpful for those who have not bothered to fiddle with and tweak to pick a perfect setting like that.



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I agree - this is a great tweak - looks much more like the real thing -Good work


ED should 100% include this in the patch


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Nice tip, thanks!



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