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Cosmetic changes you'd like to see?

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I am a veteran sim flyer, but I have to admit not knowing a huge amount about avionics. I tend to take peoples word for it that theres a bug of feature missing from them. However, what makes a good sim is immersion. I have made a small list of 'cosmetic' changes that I would like to see in a future version of Lock On. A wish list. Wether we'll see them is another matter.


1. Engines silent when clients spawn in MP

2. Brighter nav lights visible from greater distances - I don't know about you but I love seeing the strobes of distant planes in MSFS, especially when they come into land. This would be handy for night missions.

3. More realistic clouds

4. Make the night darker.

5. Lingering smoke over destroyed targets. To me, it looks a bit fake that a smoke column raises from a target then suddlenly stops dead. I think theres should be a more gradual fading of the smoke.


Thats it for now. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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Definately agree about the lights, the attenuation is far too strong at the moment. Understand you're point about about the smoke, but I reckon more of it would probably mean fewer fps. You don't need a poll to find out that wouldn't be popular. ;)


My suggestions:


Additive transparency on the HUD graphics - this has been mentioned before, complete with examples.


Specularity mapping in the graphics engine - Currently the biggest omission from the visuals in my opinon, all the aircraft have the same 'shininess' over the entire airframe. Specular maps would make a huge difference.


Surround sousound - Despite the sound sources (in-cockpit at least) being fairly static, I'm sure the sound engine would benifit from having more depth. Think AAA shells tearing into the rear fuselage of your A-10, and suchlike.


I'm sure there's loads more stuff, but that's what's come off the top of me head.

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How about less graphics eye candy? Faster overcast, faster shadowing (Half life 2 has good shadows), better missile trails.


Please, dont compare 2 completely different game's and their engine capabilities :).


I would like to see some 'acceleration effect' when being pressed in your seat (moving the camera a bit backwards).

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I would like to see some 'acceleration effect' when being pressed in your seat (moving the camera a bit backwards).


Excellent! Sort of as an extension of the current head-movements that are induced by lateral and vertical g's. Very good idea :)

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-flexible wings ( during turbulences, high g-forces etc.)

-"headshake" effect during g-forces/turbulences by shifting the viewpoint only, not rotating the view ( the eye easily compensates any rotation of the head ).

-vibrating canopy effect during turbulences/low level flight

-"vibrating cockpit" sound effect during turbulences ( remember how the panel of your car sounds during a bumpy ride )

-bird strikes :)

-"floating hud" effect ( see Il-2 revi sights )

-1st person ejection

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well the first cosmetic that comes to my mind is a transparent faded grey trail for the AMRAAM wich isnt quite completely smokeless.


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