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Warm Regards and many felicitaions to the ED team, Wags et al.

Black Shark has been released and judging from the forum is doing well.

The last time i was up here was 2 or 3 years ago and flaming cliffs had just been released. I had managed to get a copy from the UK as ED has no distribution plans where i live.

I got married soon thereafter and never managed to upgrade my comp since. :-(

Seeing the whole DCS thing taking off is exciting and i am very much looking forward to it.

To the serious Flight Sim Enthusiast, what ED is doing is miraculous, sensational add whatever superlatives u wish for. These Sims are what one dreamed of back in the days of Amstrads and Fighter Pilot (F-15, Digital Integration).

So, my 2 cents, keep it up! Use whatever copy protection/ marketing plan u wish. U are doing a great service to a limited community.

The joy i experienced ambushing F-15s from the valleys with the MiG is still fresh in memory. Hopefully i will be seeing some old friends in the digital skies soon.


Wishing ED all the best for the A-10C!



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Thank You All

Good to see veterens like GGTharos still around.

Hope same is true for Alfa and the FlankerHeads :-D


She is an artist who studies philosophy....so its the idea or conception of the ball n chain not the ball n chain itself that manifests. Its been good.

Wish i could say the same for my flying career online. Gotta fix that.


So is hyperlobby still the place to be or have things moved along since then?

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