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attn Moderators: re Sigs and Avatars

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Can you please turn avatars and signatures off by default for all profiles so that those of us who wish to use them can, without unduly affecting those on dialup.


Each user has the option to see sigs and avatars in their control panel so i dont see the need to force everyone down to the lowest common denominator when there are options available to those who dont want to see them available.


It would certainly liven the boards up for the lucky ones of us on broadband.


Thanks in advance.

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IMHO it well be good if you all exactly remove all sig’s. ;)


Its’ look terribly, really. If you know how to use PhotoShop and plug-ins for it, you are not become a designer. Sorry but it’s real. :) This is a forum, this is not gallery of you sig’s. Is you really want use the sig may be use smaller then now. Like that 600x45 pixel’s but not more. That size give to you potential for type something about, or show small logo logo of you squadron, this really enough for it.



Обращаюсь к администрации, может как то ограничите размер этих сигнатур. А то выглядит, чтобы не обидеть западных форумян, немного похабно, аляписто и безвкусно.

Хотя бы сократить их размеры.

Комплекс «Андреич 84» производства УзССР с ЦБВМ «Аналитик-Т», РЭБ «ПОЭТ-МА 21В», ПрНК «Jameson 23» производит поиск цели типа «Т» для взятия на АС и последующего ТО согласно ИЭ книги «К», а так же для нерегламентированных работ.

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