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F-4G Wild Weasel skin

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added a similar skin for F-4G, 37th TFW, George AFB, 1985


The skin represents the Wing commander's aircraft, and yes, it's built using the same template of the F-4 from Spangdahlem. Comes both in high and low resolution (high-res doesn't fit in cdds and slows down FPS, low-res is not very good but fits in the cdds, it's your choice).

The instructions on how to add the F-4 to the US side can be found in the previous F-4G skin package.



as always you can grab them here: http://digilander.libero.it/lockon/download.html#f4g_ww_37




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now that looks good. the israeli phantoms needed some improvement


There was simply no Israeli skin in LockOn for the F-4. The Israelis always used their own camo on their Phantoms, they never used the USAF camo as did Turkey and Japan, for example.


I've made quite a "tradeoff" skin, because each Phantom has a slightly different camo, with differences even among airframes of the same squadron. Even bigger differences were present when switching to different squadrons.

Anyway this camo scheme is quite "typical" and can be used for most squadrons without any big loss of realism. Given that dealing with camo over intakes and fuselage of this F-4 model is far from being straighforward, I think it's a good tradeoff.

Thanks for your interest, and BTW, comments are welcome!

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