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Eurofighter Typhoon tests AMRAAM

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Success in AMRAAM Guided Missile Trials



(Source: Eurofighter GmbH; dated March 15, web-posted March 17, 2005)



HALLBERGMOOS, Germany --- Eurofighter GmbH announced today the success achieved in recent Advanced Medium Range Air-Air Missile (AMRAAM) guided firing trials – a further milestone in proving the maturity of the Weapon System.


Typhoon DA4, piloted by BAE Systems Chief Test Pilot Paul Hopkins with Dave Sully in the rear seat, participated in the weapons trials at the QinetiQ Deep Sea Range at Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, and was supported by an RAF flight refuelling tanker, a Nimrod MR2 to check for surface vessels within the danger area, and by the Royal Navy, who provided the unmanned Mirach targets.


The profile for this test required the Typhoon aircraft to track two targets by radar, to simulate an attack on one Mirach using a captive AMRAAM missile while simultaneously attacking the second target with an active missile. The active AMRAAM scored a direct hit on the target and destroyed it.


The developing maturity of the aircraft will be further demonstrated through the planned forthcoming guided firings, which include a launch against a jamming supersonic target, a shot using tracking data from a second Typhoon through the MIDS (Multifunctional Information Distribution System) data-link, and a twin firing against two targets.


Brian Phillipson, Programme Director Eurofighter GmbH, commented: With more than 30 aircraft in service with our four Nations, and further deliveries now being made weekly, it is important that we steadily release more and more capability to our partner air forces as they build up their fleets and their experience. This complex firing is another successful achievement in our continuing development programme, another example of the progressive capability demonstration and clearance our customers are expecting from us. It is also another demonstration of the tremendous capability of the Eurofighter compared to previous generations of combat aircraft.




Isnt the MIDS supported by the F-15 C version?

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Although this may be a success, one has to see that the european missile project "IRIS-T" has financial problems. Just as the Eurofighter.


So for now, the Eurofighter relies on american missiles.


The Europeans are just not willing to spend that much money on the military. Maybe this is alright. But as a technology freak I would like a european missile on the Eurofighter :).

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The Germans just cut back their part of the budget. So I suppose nobody knows the future of that missile. They are sill mentioning a production date of 2009. Imagine that the development of this missile was started by the UK and Sweden in 1978. I guess they have redeveloped the missile a dozen times now.


That's what makes me angry. They just put enough money on a project, for years and years, so that it won't die .

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Well, at the moment it makes sense to test the AMRAAM.

The German F-4s use them for example, so they're in stock already.


Concerning the IRIS-T: The last I heard was that delivery to the German Luftwaffe should start this year. Has that been changed lately?




Here it is, from this year's March issue of the German aviation magazine "Flug Revue" (roughly translated):


The BWB (German Federal Office for Defence Technology and Armament) has ordered Diehl BGT Defence to start production of the IRIS-T.


For the price of 1120 million Euro, 3150 units of the air-to-air missile are to be produced within the next 7 years.


Thereof 1250 will be delivered to Germany, 350 to Greece, 444 to Italy, 150 to Norway, 250 to Sweden and 700 to Spain.


Companies from all partner countries will participate in the production.

It is concerning "many hundreds" of jobs.


The IRIS-T will be used on the Eurofighter, Tornado, Gripen, F-16 and F-18.

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I think sweden was developing some kind of amraam substitute. I wonder how that is going. Or was that the meteor project?

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Well, I know that SAAB is one of the partners who are working on the Meteor project and Sweden already signed the contract to buy them.


Possibly uou are speaking about (a related) product called the (http://www.denel.co.za/Aerospace/MISSILES.asp) A-Darter which is developed in South Africa for use on the South African Airforce's Saab Gripen's, and subcontract for release on Gripens to other airforces?

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