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Hello all,


I am Dave from Charlotte, NC U.S. I have been into aircraft since I was a small child. Tried to get my pilots license but medical issues prevent that. So I have been flying flight sims since the early days of computers. I have used a huge lot of different sims over the years. Apple flight sim, msfs, combat pilot, Falcon AT/3/4, LOMAC and of course DCS World. DCS world is now my primary sim and have very much enjoyed watching it grow over the years. I enjoy all aspects of flight from commercial birds to war birds and my favorite aircraft of all time the F-16 Viper!


Hope to see you all in the air!

Motherboard ASUSTek TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING (WI-FI)

Processor Intel i5 9400



Power Supply Thermaltake GOLD 850 RGB


Monitor 1. Vizio 32" 2. Samsung 32" 3. Samsung 32"

Operating System Windows 10 64 Bit build 19035.1

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Hello everyone, this is Bill -codename salaxi54 from Athens Greece. A sim-pit fan is a sim-pit fan everywhere, and i've been building my F-16 cockpit for quite some time now. Not even half-way done, b

Hello from Lake City, Michigan, USA.    Very interesting to read all of your comments on this page.   I see that Overdose1 above has done the training exercises with the SU25T.  Good to hear abou

Hello everyone! After months of watching videos about his awesome sim on Youtube, I pulled the plug and got some needed things to enjoy it for myself.   Now I don't know if flying around in

Greetings from the Ozarks



Hey there - - - My name is Wayne and I was born and went to school in LA and Orange county California. I’m telling my age now, I graduated high school in 1965, got married in 1966, and I was drafted in the Army in 1967. Yes, I was among the group that didn’t go to Canada to avoid the draft. We, my wife and I after Vietnam ended, took roots in the Midwest (Heart of the Ozarks). Bought a house with a white picket fence and had 2 kids, lol that’s what you were supposed to do after graduating school in those days. So, we have been married for 53 years, been in our home over 40 years, have grand-kids from our two kids (One great grand-kid too).

I have always been interested in computers. My first computer I bought in 1982 was a Commodore 64 with 64 kilobytes of ram and the cost around $600.00 (my machine now has 32 gigabytes of ram). I ran a computer repair service for several years and I just can’t seem to get away from them. I mean really! I’m 72, retired and I still like to game with a screaming fast high end PC. Playing first person shooters, flying Vitals’ and just having a bunch of all-around fun. I really get cranked up over the graphics now a days, it’s just sic what they’re doing. But there is a price to pay - - Quadro RTX 6000 retails for $6,300.00…………..That’s it for now, I need some sleep. lol Thanks, Rustym00se (Wayne)

Barrel rolls make me dizzy, so I just close my eyes.:D


Windows 10 Pro version 1909 (OS Build 18363.815) • CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K 6-Core 3.2GHz • RAM: 32GB Corsair DDR4 RGB 4x8 • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB • Motherboard: ASUS Rog Maximus XI Hero Z390 (WI-FI) • Power Supply: CORSAIR RM1000X • Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper, 4 Heat pipes, 2 Fans • OS: MS Windows 10 Pro, version 1909 • Keyboard: Logitech G910 • Mouse: Corsair gaming • Headphones: Turtle Beach PX22 • Microphone: Blue Yeti 192KHZ/24BIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone • Stream Cam: Logitech c620 • Monitor: 2-Dell 22”, 1-Acer 27”

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10 years on this board so should probably post here!



I'm Tim, 30, from the UK, working in Scotland as an Oceanic Air Traffic Controller and have held my licence for a year now. Got my PPL age 17 and still fly as and when I can afford to. Have a 1964 Triumph Herald to restore and a home cockpit to build!



I've been flight simming since 1999 when I was given the Empire Interactive Maximum Flight bundle for Christmas - F/A-18 Korea, Flying Corps Gold, Apache v Havoc and Mig Alley. Love them all to this day, especially for getting me into the Hornet!



A Russian friend gave me Flanker 2.0 a few years later which was my first intro to Russian aircraft and Eagle Dynamics. LOMAC on release brought my PC to its knees and to this date I still haven't got past the first couple of missions. And after ED released Black Shark in 2009 it's all been good!

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My DCS-experience begain with Flanker 2.0 back in 2001 :).



I've been simming since 1985 on a Commodore 64 with Solo Flight, then onto Falcon 1.0 on an Amiga, and caught a Flanker 2.0 in 2001. Now, got nearly all DCS modules and flying in VR with my HP Reverb.


I'm a aspsiring cockpit builder with home-electronics lab

- Oscilloscope: Siglent SDS1104X-E

- Soldering station: KSGER T12

- Ruideng DPS5005 lab bench power supply

- DDS signal generator.

- Creality Ender 3 3d printer


for work.. working IT-tech from home supporting a worldwide userbase.. and for DCS still lots to discover :)

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met vriendelijke groet,



"умный, спортсмен, комсомолетс"




[TABLE]SPECS: i9-9900K 32gigs RAM, Geforce 2070RTX, Creative XFi Fata1ity, TIR5, Valve Index & HP Reverb, HOTAS Warthog, Logitech G933 Headset, 10Tb storage.[/TABLE]

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Hello everyone!


My first combat flight sim was Interceptor on the Commodore Amiga. Just for this game I worked a whole summer as a kid, together with my brother, so we could buy this computer. Then onto Falcon. The other thing that really attracted me in games was multiplayer. I remember spending days trying to get to play Falcon with two Amigas connected through a special serial (or was it parallel?) port cable. And oh wow when it worked!! We were stoked! Two aircraft on an empty map :lol:


Fast forward to 1994 or 1995, Falcon 4.0 with a Thrustmaster F-16 block 50 hotas. What a piece of crap that plastic was, kept rolling left unless you rolled right first and then came centre. Abondened that.


Now, thanks to Corona, I decided to finally pick up combat flight sim again. DCS seems great: a true sim .... and multiplayer too :) I've bought quite a few modules, am currently on a shopping spree for some decent controls but I am a solid mac user, so I have to put a good gaming rig together... So I can't take off just yet, but I have learned the value of patience...

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Hello all. I came back to sims after a long time away. I love this game, but not very good at it. I spent the 80's in the US Navy. 4 years in an F14 squadron. A photographer worked on the TARPS pod. I was excited to see a proper F14 introduced to a flight sim. Most were just arcade POS. Well I am looking forward to learning this sim. I went overboard during the sale and bought several planes. I plan on learning as many as possible and then picking one to master.


See you in the not so friendly skies.



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Greetings everyone! I'm Santa, and I'm glad to be here! Brand new to DCS, but I'm very excited about it! I took full advantage of their current sale, so I feel like I made out like a bandit! I'm retired Navy (Submarines, so I'm working on keeping my "vehicles" above the waterline...). I've played around with Microsoft Flight Simulator since its' inception, but never really got excited about it. Around 20 years ago, I picked up about 40 hours in a Cessna, and then ran out of money (flying is an expensive hobby!) Now, I fill that void with DCS. Looking for squadrons/training, have made a few inquiries. I'm currently spending my time setting up TrackIR (I'll move to VR later, once I figure the game out), all the key bindings, and waiting on UPS to bring me my new Thrustmaster Warthog!! (I'm using my old Logitech Flight Yoke for now...had to order another power supply - I always seem to lose it when I move!)


Looking forward to this! See y'all around!








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Hello new and old players of Flanker Lock on etc. My name is Christina and I call myself 'Mizzy' on this forum named after my cat Mizzy who passed away many years ago. I am possibly the only member of this forum that does not use DCS as a combat simulator. I love military jets mainly the 60s era but have no interest in fighting.

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Hi all! Just dropped by to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Luis and I live in Spain. I'm a long time simulators fan, but not a hardcore one... still.


A few days ago I recalled the many good times Jane's F15 and Jane's USAF gave me back in the day. After trying to play them on a modern PC, and seeing the not-so-good results, I decided it was a good moment to try DCS.


So far, I'm quite excited about it. I installed it on my PC, and I purchased Flaming Cliffs 3, which I read is quite a proper choice for a beginner. I also installed it for my 10 year old son, and he's also very happy to fly with me, even though we're still very newbies.


I hope to find a friendly community around here, not very punishing with total newbies :music_whistling:

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Greetings everyone. Just ordered a PC to start playing DCS. Always wanted to be a fighter pilot but life took a different path. Looking forward to meeting like minded people!


My previous flight sim experience is pretty old, lol:

-Atari 400 Flight Simulator II

-Amiga 500 F/A 18 Intercepter

-Falcon 3.0

-Falcon 4.0

-USAF Boeing C17 Flight Simulator - Joint Base Charleston

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Howdy I am Phil been doing DCS about three years started on F-5 the F-18 and have as of 7 months ago switched to strictly choppers with emphasis on the Gazelle. Love the low to the ground flying and waiting for the Kiowa Warrior


Window 10, i9-9900,2080TI, 32GB ram Puma Pro Flight Trainer, 2 x 1TB WB SSD NVMe HP Reverb

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Hey All, been an active DCS'r for a few years and just recently got back into the swing of things. I'm more of a consumer of information , and have been reading threads on this post for quite a while. Just finally decided to post and say hello and perhaps get involved in some discussions.


Just purchased the F14/F18/F16/SuperCarrier in the last few weeks during the sale, enjoying the hell out of it.


Hope to talk to ya'll soon!

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Hello all, glad to check in on this frequency.



Have only been flying DCS for a couple of months, but a lot of sim experience over the years; MS Flight Simulator, Combat Simulator, some Xplane. Also have my private Pilot’s license but haven’t flown in 18 years due to life (time, money).

Have been flying mostly SU25T and Flaming Cliffs. Recently procured the F/A-18 on sale and now working the learning curve for her. Mostly systems, sensors, and weapons delivery (not much opportunity to do that in a PA28).



Also building a small button box using DCS BIOS and an Arduino with startup switches, caution panel, etc. for the F/A-18.

Look forward to seeing you in the air!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Mipis, nickname 'Spetsnaz', I'm from Rio Branco, Brazil, and I've been at DCS for a few months, playing in my spare time.

I always enjoyed flight simulators, since Spectrum Holobyte's Falcon I, Novalogic's F-22, MS Flight Simulator, LOCK ON, ...

I am practicing with the Su-25T before buying other modules, like F-14, for example.

Already have some experience in configuring multi-monitor of different sizes / resolutions, so if anyone needs help, just create a thread.

Also set up a practical configuration for TM T.16000M FCS HOTAS, in case anyone is interested.


Nice to meet.

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Hello flying friends. My name is Ed van 't Hoofd, callsign Twister (when I fly by, everything is destroyed....). I am a founder of the Virtual Royal Netherlands Air Force (check us on Facebook and website http://www.vrnlaf.nl), we are a community on P3D flying all kinds of aircraft of the RNAF, but I mainly fly the Viper for several years now. Since I was looking for a new challenge to expand my basic knowledge of the F-16, I found the DCS community with it's splendid software and....the Viper. Now I can really explore the aircraft to the bone. I started this process a couple of weeks ago accompanied by my wingman Cakes and friend Medic, both members of the VRNLAF. My experience so far : great stuff, a lot to learn, but we will succeed in completely master the Viper, be sure of that. Later on we will join the servers for the missions and even raise the virtual 312 squadron. Happy landings, blue skies and thanks for your help so far.


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Hi everyone,

I'm Feflefoo. I'm not a pilot in real life, nor an expert of any sort, but I'm interested in aircrafts. I've been playing Lock On Flaming Cliffs a bit, along with other flight sims (somehow focused on Russian WWII a/c, you know), but everything came to a stop when I needed to move, have kids... You know how it works (some of you at least).

I'm from France, btw, and my main passion has always been motorbikes.

See you around here!

Please close the sound barrier when you leave.

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Hello everybody,


I'm a recent re-entrant to the FS scene in the UK.


My first flight sim was PSION Flight Simulator on the Spectrum followed by, amongst others, F15 Strike Eagle and Sublogic Flight Simulator on the Atari 800 and Falcon 4.0 on the Atari ST. I bought a PC specifically to play TFX, moving on to MS Flight Simulator, MS Combat Flight Simulator, Lock On. Then unfortunately I defected to consoles and flight sims went out the window.


Invested in a gaming PC with a VR headset a year or so ago. Played a bit of WOT, found Xplane 11 - nice. I was recommended DCS and that was it. Then I played DCS with the VR headset and I realised that this was what I wanted right from the earliest days. It is truly AWESOME.


Threading the needle of the top of the Burj al arab in a Mig-21 at near supersonic speed - MAGNIFICENT.


I'm a child in a sweet shop - I need to get down and learn but I just want to keep trying different planes. My wife needs to hide my wallet.


Not dipped in to mutliplayer yet but I'm sure it will come.


Thanks Eagle Dynamics for the brilliant experience. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Rig: Alienware Aurora R7, i7-8700, 32GB Ram, 2 x 1TB SSD, 2GB HDD, RTX 2080, Warthog HOTAS / Stick, T-Flight pedals, monitor and other bits

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Hi All,


Greetings from Northern Ireland. I've been a big flight sim fan for most of my life, most of my Amiga library was dominated by Microprose titles. I've also played AV8b, my first experience of the harrier and Janes AH64 Longbow, love the Apache. Please ED, make an Apache module... I'll be first in line...:thumbup:


Nowadays I've purchased a Dell VR headset and slowly learning the A10c. Always loved the Warthog so this is perfect. Hope to get into the Viper, Hornet and Tomcat some day.





Hardware - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 4770 3.4Ghz, 32gb DDR3, Vega 56 8gb, 250gb SSD & 500gb M.2 SSD for DCS World, Dell VR headset, T.16000M FCS & TWCS Throttle.

Modules - A10A, A10C, A10C II, BS2, F15C, F16C, F/A18C, L-39, MI24P, MIG 29, P47D, SU 33, Supercarrier, WWII Assets

Maps - Nevada, Persian Gulf, Syria, The Channel

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Hope to get into the Viper, Hornet and Tomcat some day.


You can test the Tomcat for free right now. 5 days left :thumbup:

🖥️ i3-10100F 3.6-4.3GHz, 16GB DDR4 2666, GTX970 4GB, SSD SATA3, 27" LCD FullHD, Rift S   🕹️ T16000M HOTAS, customTiR   ✈️ FC3, F-14A/B   🌍 NTTR, PG   🚢 Supercarrier

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Hey everyone!


I have been playing FSX for quite awhile, as a way to stay current when I'm not flying a can in real life. I used to play quite a lot of flight simulator games back in the days.


A list of games I can recall:

A-10 Cuba!

Back to Baghdad

Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter

F-22 Lightning

F-22 Lightning II

F-22 Lightning III

F/A-18 Hornet 3.0

F/A-18 Korea

Falcon 4.0

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Jane's Combat Simulation: AH-64D Longbow, U.S. Navy Fighters '97

Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2

Top Gun: Fire At Will


I just recently bought the following DCS aircraft modules: Yak-52, L-39 Albatros, F-5E Tiger II, and the terrain map: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map. I really enjoy flying trainer, and light attack/fighter aircraft.


Nice to meet you guys! :thumbup:

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Finally jumping into the forum pool.




Finally jumping into the forum pool.


My first combat flight simulator was Falcon GOLD and then Falcon4. I still have the original software, books and maps from both of those. :) I couldn't afford a nice Joystick or throttle back then so all of my flying was via keyboard and it sucks trying to dogfight with just a keyboard. My interest changed and Falcon was boxed up and shelved. When DCS had the sale back in April I decided to give it a test to see if I wanted to get back into Flight Simulators.


Well since then I've purchased a T.16000M FCS FLIGHT PACK, the Puck IR head tracker along with several DCS planes, campaigns and maps. And I've finally had a reason to use the overclocking abilities in my MB and CPU so I'm now running at a stable 4.2GHz on a 9 year old i7-2600K :D

My graphics card is 4 years old and its overclocked too. Before overclocking my FPS was between 20 and 60 now my FPS ranges between 80-170 and my system and game runs extremely stable.


So, with all of that said I'm looking forward to learning how to land someday. :pilotfly:




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My name is Francis, but people call me psycho. Any of you homos call me Francis and I’ll kill ya.....

I9 (5Ghz turbo)2080ti 64Gb 3200 ram. 3 drives. A sata 2tb storage and 2 M.2 drives. 1 is 1tb, 1 is 500gb.

Valve Index, Virpil t50 cm2 stick, t50 base and v3 throttle w mini stick. MFG crosswind pedals.

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