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suggestions for developers...

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Congratulations for all the ED team, your interesting develop and work... sure it cause pleasure moments for everyone, like me.


but I have a cuestion for future developmets... ¿Have you thought about implementing an import routine by LUA?. It could be interesting for example for training mision, so one instructor can send a failure to any pilot in a network fly and check and evaluate his response. Actually you can't programe it, in the mision editor, but this failure affects to all the flights.


And another question or suggestion, ¿what about a more profesional debriefing export in a multyplayer fly?, Actually it's very poor and not export all the events... for example no data about were the pilot take off or the name on it...


Check this example... a simple take off, basic traffic circuit and landing at the same runway.


[*] internal debriefing screenshoot at the end of mission... (very detailed...)




[*] data logged in the export debriefing "mp_log.txt" file in the temp folder...( I think a littler poor.)


01/12:04:06 "ESA_bolichin"(Su-27) land


no more data about take off and the name of the base was lost.


This example show the difficulties for our escuadron to develope and automatic tool for check the time of fly of our pilots in the oficial mision and trainnig mision....


I think that there are little things that ED need to improve, before to add new aircraft... isn't it?, ¿which are your impresion?


thank for you efforts....






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I know that F.C. release it's too close.. but anyone is interesting in this comments?... please write your comments or ideas for this problem. Developpers are very ocuppated, but what about expert people than read this forums? thx and wait your coments.

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