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FSAA problems (1.02) - Any solutions?

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Here is an image of what I get when switching on FSAA on my GeForce 4 Ti 4200.

I had to put some black space at the border to make it more visable. Ingame those lines are close to white.




This made me switch between AA and no AA depending on flying at day or at night,

as it's not that noticable when flying daytime-missions.


Any ideas what causes this and how to get rid of that strange error else than switching off AA?



I'm running Win XP Pro and LOMAC 1.02.

Resolution set to 1280x1024.

Problem is independent of using 16 or 32 bit colors.




The lines only appear in areas where plain sky (= no clouds, terrain or objects) is visible and only at the upper and left edges of the screens.

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This problem exists with FSAA on both ATI and NVidia cards (I've owned both). On ATI cards, you can correct the problem by enabling a "Alternate Pixel Centering" option in control panel under Direct3D settings; on NVidia cards, I never did find a way to correct it. Other games that suffer this are BF1942, BFV, OFPR, just to name a few. Sorry, I don't have a solution for you, but maybe it will help you get closer to one :D



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We got to that conclusion on the SimHQ forum, too.


The problem with nVidia is that they don't support that driver option for GeForce 3 and higher cards. RivaTuner has the option, but it's deactivated for those newer cards.


The only thing I could imagine is changing the behaviour of Lock-On itself.

It is said that the error is due to non-DirectX-conform behaviour of programs.


Those bright lines appear where the sky texture touches the border of the screen AND also where background and menu graphics are used (waiting screen, mission editor).


But wherever textured objects or particle/shader effects travel over the border,

the lines are immediately gone in that area (as can be seen in the image I posted).

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