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Everytime I try and upload a gif, jpg or whatever format as a signature (how ever small I even make it, 1px X 1px jpg) I keep getting this message: "Unable to save image"


I even tried refering to my homepage where I uploaded it with a direct URL - still same message. :bomb:

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? (tried in both firefox and IE)


This is the sig:



Regards Lee

Edited by Lee



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It's not your mistake.


It's a forum bug (after upgrade) and it will be resolved ASAP.


Hi Const


Thanks alot I'll suspend my efforts till then :thumbup:






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hey Gents, i'm still having trouble posting my sig... it shows up in the little box on the bottom of the setup page but it will not show on any of my posts? any help would be great..thx..5x5

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] SMOKE'M:smoke: IF YA GOT'M!:gun_rifle:

H2o Cooler I7 9700k GA 390x MB Win 10 pro

Evga RTX 2070 8Gig DD5

32 Gig Corsair Vengence, 2T SSD.

TM.Warthog:joystick: :punk:, CV-1:matrix:,3x23" monitors, Tm MFD's, Saitek pro rudders wrapped up in 2 sheets of plywood:megalol:

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