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problems with clouds using a NVIDIA 8500 177.92 driver

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I have this kinds of clouds in FC



also if i put the game to a full over cast i have the game crahs to desktock with an windows error message it say that is something with the weather.dll file. Sometimes the clouds looks good but if i go to heavy overcast them the CTD ocurr.


My system is a AMD dual +3.8 GHz 2 Gb ram 8500 512 Mb Detonator 177.92 (thinking to change this drivers to see) ram win xp SP 3

my FC copy is running the 1.12b pacht i did a reinstall of the apliation but the problems still happens


Any solucion for the settings



Thanks foryour help in advance guys.

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The solution I provided in the thread didn't work? Are you sure you did it correctly? You need to set the Nvidia control panel "Adjust Image Setting with Preview" to "Quality". This has fixed the problem for most people.


As for the CTD with overcast, try medium water. I get those too on high and very high water.

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