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Starter handle bug


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1)The starter animation of pulling it up can not be produced by right click on it, it just stays in neutral position, the pulling up animation can only be produced by pressing the key bind , but despite the absence of animation right click works. Also the left click pulls the handle up and spin-up the fly wheel despite it should pull it down.

2) Than the starter standart key bind Lctrl+Home (should be the"magnetic clutch" in the setting, but right now is the "starter power") must pull the handle up, that should be done after the fly wheel was spun by pressing the starter handle with the Home button (should be the "starter power" but right now is the "magnetic clutch" in the settings). But these commands just work in other way: the first one is spinning the clutch despite the animation is showing the handle is being pull up and the second one starts the engine despite the animation is showing it being pressed down. So the problem is not in the key binding. The commands are doing their opposite function: the "starter power" starts the engine instead of spinning-up the fly wheel and the "magnetic clutch" is spinning-up the fly wheel instead of starting the engine. Everything is contrary to the manual. Checked in the latest Open Beta



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