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page 3-2, if you read it, specifically denotes CCRP after the bombing computer header.

there's no volume control over vital alarm tones in the aircraft, and the tone is not overwhelming the release noise for me. i would check the levels you have set DCS at for your cockpit headphones vs. environmental audio. if you're desperate, you can edit the gain value on bombtone.sdef for that specific sound.

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Now I see! 
Thank you very much! 
I've just done it like you said - edit the bombtone file.

So, the algorythm is like this:

1. Prepare everything as we see on the 3-2 page.
2. Dive to the target until we'll see "In range" indicator.
3. Put our target to the HUD center and then press and hold the weapon release button.
4. Gently pull the stick and fly in horizon until our bomb will disconnect from the airplane. 
5. Then depress the weapon release button.

Am I wrong?

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i get best results with the computer in steeper dives closer to 40 or 45 degrees.

a stable and steady steady traversal on the gunsight is key to getting a good target lock.

you want to be walking the target up the central ladder of the gunsight at a controlled rate as you target then once you press and hold the bomb button until after release completion. then begin to pull up, the smoother the better.

as is noted in the kneeboard manual, the computer cannot account for wind or yaw, so if there is wind to compensate for you'll want to note that using the navigation computer console before you dive or note weather conditions at takeoff. you want to be as rudderless as possible on your dive and pull-out to avoid pulling to one side or the other.

this is my preferred video tutorial for the bombing computer from youtube. it's from an earlier beta so the radar display is a bit different and it's not using the final switch positions, but the procedure is right-on:


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