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Mossy no longer has thrust control option


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   I downloaded and installed the new 2.78.16140 update, and now it has tons of new items to choose, but no where can I find a 
setting to use my TM Warthog Throttle in the Axis area.


I just found:  input. generic throttle slider and it worked.    I should most likely delete this whole thread, but others 
may now also now know that throttle is now not near Pitch Roll and Rudder.

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had to find input name for throttle
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It a serious problem, since last patch ED broke down control section.

This is screen from my setup, i did it before this.


Windows 11, I7 12700KF Stock, Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Elite, Ram 32 GB G.skill, Palit Gamerock OC 3090, Hotas Warthog, Thrustmaster Pendular Pedals, OLED 48" 120Hz.

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Thank You Grafspee for letting me know what it was......     I edited my post to reflect what happened and I did find and was testing to make sure it worked first.

I was in the Army in 1972 in Heidelberg, Schwetzingen, and Worms,  West Germany and loved it there !!!

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