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Mission 12 - Wingman crashes on deck


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Hi Baltic Dragon,

Encountering an issue with mission 12. Latest OB version.

- I need to be very careful at taxi out to catapult 1.
If I take an immediate right turn at the beginning of taxi it seems my wingman gets damaged by my jetblast (even with throttles in idle) and black smoke appears rising from his aircraft.


- After I manage to get to cat 1 without blasting my wingman (achieved by making 270deg turns to avoid pointing my nozzles directly to his aircraft) I connect to cat1 and wait for blade to get in position on cat2.
I launch after he is connected to the cat.

When Blades launches seconds later from cat 2 he does not manage to get airborne but crashes on deck. Nose gear extended, main gear burried in the carrier deck, still in full burner and left wing in flames.


Can you take a look if it still works on your end please?



Corsair 600T - Intel i7 2600k - Asus Geforce GTX1660 Super - 4 x 4Gb Corsair DDR3 Ram - Asus P8P67 revB3 - Windows 10

Thrustmaster Warthog #11615


2019 Acer Predator Helios 300

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It might be something to do with the AMRAAM on his left wing? It looks like it's there at startup but then disappears before taxi and damage appears on the top of the wing (giving the black smoke Sylle describes).

Really enjoying the Campaign so far, so hopefully Baltic can fix it soon!

All the best,


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Disregard my last post,

I removed the ''read only'' option from every folder (Eagle Dynamics to Raven One Campaign)

I couldn't save in ME but when I launched the mission in the campaign, the deck crew I removed was indeed gone.

Strange ... but it worked as intended.

I completed the mission. Got thumbleweed a couple of times but the work has been done.

I did not have a ''Mission Complete'' message once I trapped on Mother (maybe because I boltered or maybe because I altered the mission).

Anyway, score 190 / result 100.

I'm a happy hunter.


In this mission the Tomcats had a Jolly Roger liveries and did not seem to be very combative.

I splashed one with the gun but the pilot did everything to make it easy though.

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