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Voiceattack and CTLD commands (or Vaicom)?


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Just wondering what is the best way to automate CTLD commands (if any) using either voice attack, or VAICOM.

At present I'm going through each menu option and was hoping there's a better way. 

For instance, on one server if I want to pick up a crate I need to:

- Open the menu

- F10

- F3 (for CTLD menu)

- F7 (for CTLD Commands)

- F2 (for collect crate).

On another server, the menu's may be slightly different, such as F10- F4-F7-F2.

I'd love to just say "Collect Package" and have it pick it up without going through the menu options.  But I'm realising that I can't just do a simple command to execute what I'm chasing (because the menu options may be different) and was wondering if either VAICOM has a solution to this, or how other people handle CTLD with either Voice Attack or Vaicom?

I'm not sure - it may not even be possible with such dynamic menu's - but I just thought I'd see incase I'm missing anything. 

The only option I can think of at the moment is to have a different profile for each server/mission I play on.

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What I have done is automate them in VoiceAttack. Sample commands are:
"Load crate GAW"
"Drop crate GAW"
"Load crate 4YA"
"Drop crate 4YA"
I end the command with the server I am on. You can make the commands in your aircraft profile, a global profile, or a profile linked to the aircraft profile. 

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Well, if you want to use VAICOM, you can turn on "import", and VAICOM will add all available commands in a mission to the "keywords editor" with a preceding "action".
Then you are free to change the command to your liking or add an alias, (I always do that, so I can see the original command). To distinguish same command between servers, you can add the name of the server in the command, like Bailey suggests.

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