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Countermeasure Bypass switch logic


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Hey there !

Rather than a bug it is more of a question (because I'm not IRL familiar with the Hornet)

I find the logic of the countermeasure dispenser logic strange.

As you know we have 3 positions :

off, on and bypass.

When you go from off to on, the dispenser goes through its BIT and then go on standbye mode.

Allright ...


Now when you go from bypass to on, it does the very same thing.

My question is : what's the point of that bypass position if it does the same thing as the off position ?

I would have thought that bypass would safe the dispenser but keep it set, for a quick on/off change for an AA Refuel for example.

Is that normal or is it something bugger/not implemented ?





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in bypass mode, you can still manually dispense countermeasures when set in Bypass , a single chaff or flare for each press. In Off it will not dispense.

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