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Kneeboards for JF-17 Thunder for guided weapon employment


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I put together some simple procedural kneeboards for the JF-17, placed in the User Files section.


As stated these are not official procedures, just what I've put together as a quick reminder on how to employ various guided weapons on the JF-17 (after not flying it for a while).  Kneeboards included:

JF-17 - AIR-TO-AIR ACM PL-5E.png
JF-17 - AIR-TO-AIR BVR ACM SD-10-1.png
JF-17 - AIR-TO-AIR BVR ACM SD-10-2.png
JF-17 - BRM-1 TPOD.png
JF-17 - C-701 IR TV AGM.png
JF-17 - C-802AK HUD TPOD AG-RDR-1.png
JF-17 - C-802AK HUD TPOD AG-RDR-2.png
JF-17 - C-802AK HUD TPOD AG-RDR-3.png
JF-17 - C-802AKG MITL TPOD DLPOD-1.png
JF-17 - C-802AKG MITL TPOD DLPOD-2.png
JF-17 - Creating and Adding a Waypoint.png
JF-17 - GB-6 LS-6 TOO TPOD.png
JF-17 - GBU-12 TPOD.png
JF-17 - LD-10 ARM.png

AKA_Relent (609_Relentov)

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Updated "JF-17 - Creating and Adding a Waypoint.png" kneeboard to show steps to add waypoints, PP, and RP points via the F10 menu (while on the ground).

Here's a screen shot of one of the kneeboards in sim:


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