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F-16 AI wingman completely incapable of Unguided delivery

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May be he is blind as bat without sensors and just as smart.

He is armed with 4 MK-84, no TGP. He has Search than engage in zone and orbit so he will just overfly the target area.

I give him hold position command, then fly over and mark the targets with "visual reckon mode" , tell him engage primary, he says "enagaing targets" and I can see in DL redline that he is engaging the correct targets but  instead he just fly north away from the targets for about 20 miles. 

Gave him "rejoin command" wait him to get close and tried "engage ground targets" Again, could see the red line and he calls engaging and flew away...

After a third try and attempt with marking another targets, he started saying "unable" "negative" and the usual crap.

Track you can download from:



However, track doesn't seem to be correct as when I replay it, WM just stays in formation the whole time. Could be due to cammands are passed via VAICOM. I don't know.

In general, I did other tests with him and without sensors, he is completely incapable of attacking anything, even tho if you don't disable "radio usage on contact" he will flood and stuck in "contact target bla bla".   I am trying to find a scenario where the AI will actually work at least partially for ground attack with unguided munitions and no sensors, but I am unable to make it so far. It's just a big pile of sh.... bugs.

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