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EWR Net and LotAtc on WWII mission

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Hi, as stated in the title I'm trying to put on an EWR net on a WWII mission to interact with LotAtc but I need some help (if possible) from who already do something similar.
At the moment I incurred in two major issue and for this I need help.

1) We have a complete EWR system (also template...wonderful) for Axis coalition but for the Allies? I didn't find anything so I must guess and try with more recent type of radar. But what must be used to have the kind of range and performance of WWII Allies side? 

2) It seems to me right to use under LotAtc the Realistic profile or Advanced Realistic profile but...knowing that the two was tailored for modern era profile, what arragement could be done to bring them to a near like WWII detection profile?

Thx to all the support that I will receive and forgive my bad (really bad) English 🙂

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