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AI F-16 goes dumb when tasked to "Attack group"

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Track A2G_BMP - Simple mission flight of two F-16 with 4*MK84 -> Advanced waypoint action -> Perform task -> attack group , while the group is a bunch of BMP2s

The flight starts to fly in random circles around the map in full burner before #2 RTB, then #1 go drop a bomb on the target and RTB. Same behavior if I change the BMPs with BTR80s

Track A2G1 -> Absolutely the same mission but instead of BMPs, The target group is MBT T72. The AI flight behaves correctly and attack the group with mulitple passes then continues the flight plan. Same with T55s.


Tried with "react to tread" on no reaction with no difference in behavior. Not sure if related only to F-16 but tried with different unguided bombs with the same result.

A2G_BMP.trk A2G1.trk


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