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M2000C ILS and Synthetic Runway Tutorial


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Hi guys,  

A friend of mine asked me to write a checklist for the ILS and  synthetic RWY setup for the M2000. I made it for him, but after that he said why not a YouTube tutorial about it?

I gave it a go and, I think, it came out nice.

I hope it helps and you like it. Thanks to jojo57 for the ILS data for PCN input. That’s a nice add on for the Kneeboard. I recommend the following docs to be installed on the M2000C Kneeboard:

Sydy’s M2000C Quick Checklist (Vs update 4.1)

Sydy’s M2000C Quick Checklist for Night Ops (Vs update 4.1)

Jojo57’s M-2000C ILS data for PCN input

Enjoy it!

Ps: Para os amigos brasileiros e portugueses, coloquei legendas para os ítens principais.

All the best,


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