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Problem with TacCmdr being able to control "Game Master Only aircraft" in multiplayer.

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I'm not sure if the problem is caused by my PC environment or a bug.


When I access the TacCmdr slot on the multiplayer server and click on a gamemaster-only aircraft on the F10 map, I get a screen where I can adjust the altitude and speed for some reason, just as I would for a non-gamemaster-only aircraft. Additionally, if you specify a waypoint for the aircraft, it will start moving accordingly.


Even if you set your aircraft to GameMaster Only to prevent it from being controlled, it will be useless if it can be controlled by TacCmdr. Controlling AI aircraft with TacCmdr makes it difficult to revert to the original route, and difficult to revert to Orbit unless you set a trigger to revert.


This problem does not occur in single player mode or server host mode, but if you launch a mission on someone else's server or a dedicated server, you can use TacCmdr to control the mission, even if you are only the game master. I would like to know how to solve this.


Attached are the mission files used for verification and the singleplay and multiplay trk files.

TacCmdr_issue_singleplayer.trk TacCmdr_issue_multiplayer.trk TacCmdr_issue.miz

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