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Flap Issue


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In the Mig 15 the Visual of the position of Flap is not corresponding to the input command.

You have to hit twice (sometime) in order to see flap moving but in cockpit the lever moves correctly....


Hope you will solve it

Thank you

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Don't know, if I understand correctly. Maybe you could provide some screenshots or a trackfile.


The flap lever in the cockpit has 4 positions: up, neutral, takeoff position, full down.

I've mapped buttons setting the lever down and up.


Starting with flaps fully up, you can select takeoff position, the flaps move to takeoff position. For fully down, you need to set to fully down position.

Now setting the lever in the takeoff or neutral position will not move the flaps.

Only setting in the up position will retract the flaps.

You can stop in any position during transition by putting the handle in neutral.


Maybe that helps


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