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Available for Pre-Order


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Pre-order placed.

It will take me months to learn this Bird. 

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5 minutes ago, Havremonster said:

It is much cheaper on Steam than on the official website. Why?


Disregard. I was looking at the wrong thing! It's the same price on both here, at around £41.


What country are you in? In the UK it's considerably cheaper on the official website. $55.99 (about £41) on the website, or £56.99 on Steam.

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Just bought it while 3000 kilometers from home.


I'm claiming the distance challenge win. 😎




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Some of the planes, but all of the maps!

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19 hours ago, golani79 said:


You'll get a better price - preorders always have a discount compaired to early access / Release version


I suppose this one might go back to full price when it releases into EA, unlike Hind...although I guess that one went up to $55.99 from $47.99.  I get it, the Apache is a lot more advanced module than the Hind.  In any event, we can wait to pre-order until likely December to get the discount as I don't anticipate it releasing before then.

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I will probably purchase it, but will delay this until mid November, as I hope Aerge's Mirage F-1 might be available before that moment ... and I'd rather have it than the Apache, as I have a soft spot for Cold War aircrafts 🙂


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Pre-purchased as well. Cannot wait. 


I remember fondly playing Jane's Longbow 2, scanning the area for targets, assigning targets, launching Hellfires in LOAL mode, then popping up one more time to get good locks with the missiles on the way.


Gonna be great!

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Ah yes... Jane's Longbow 2... played the heck out of that one! So what was I supposed to do? Yup, I caved and pre-ordered. 😈

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System Specs:

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