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More AI planes please


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Firstly, thank you guys so much for the introduction of H-6J. It is such a treat to fly with such a plane. Feel like swimming with a great whale in the ocean.
Can you guys please add more so we can simulate more scenarios? 
I have a few suggestions:

1: HY-6U Aerial Refueling tanker.

2: H-5 Bomber

3: HD-5 ECM jammer

The first dedicated ECM warfare plane made by China. This plane will add some fun in the game. I know that currently, the only form of ECM in DCS is the "Background Noise mode". So we can just add it as a much stronger version of the jammer pod carried by Su-27, with much less "burn-through range".

4: Q-5D
I know a lot of people would love to see this.
Hopefully, one day this can be even made as a full fidelity module.


ASM for Su-27 in DCS

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