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The Latest stable (DCS World Update) affected my F-14's HUD:


- My Flight Path (Velocity Vector) Marker is MIA ?


- Can no Longer Trim the HUD's Horizon Line to the Actual Horizon (Sorry - Despite all the great explanations of why the Horizon Line is not on the Horizon - Still doesn't make sense to me)


- Wondering if this is just Me - or affecting other Tomcat Drivers ?




DCS World Updates
Latest stable version is

HUD Horizon Line: My HUD's Horizon Line (Landing Mode) is Off by 5 Degrees (Low - Below the actual Level Horizon).

HUD Pitch Ladder

HUD pitch ladder

Because the F-14's axis of flight is so high up in the windscreen at normal cruise airspeeds, placing the horizon line with the actual horizon would have really cluttered the upper half, especially when you include the heading tape. That's why Grumman's engineers decided to depress the artificial horizon by 5 degrees. The HUD wasn't operated as a primary flight instrument (that would be the VDI) anyway, just as a tool for weapons employment.

F-14 HUD Horizon Line.jpg

HUD Horizon Line Trim.jpg

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A Little more TD&E on the HUD Symbology Differences from F-14A/B of DCSW 2.5+.


Now in DCSW 2.7+, the F-14 (Both A and B) has different HUD Symbology Presentations depending on which Instant Action Mission you Open.


Sometimes NOW (like 2.5 version F-14) you get a Fully Adjustable (in HUD Trim) Horizon Pitch Line, a Heading Scale, and a Flight Path (Velocity Vector) Marker.    This is the HUD Presentation featured back in the F-14 of DCSW 2.5+.


But NOW - depending on which F-14A/B Instant Action Mission I pull up - The HUD lacks most of that previous Symbology and the HUD Horizon Line is Not Fully Adjustable (back to the actual horizon) via the HUD Trim.


With this last Update (, the developers created many New F-14A/B Instant Action Missions (for Marianas & Caucasas) and maybe they were rushed and the Quality Control Suffered ?


I'm Confused - Sometimes you get the Complete HUD Symbology (as in Previous F-14) - And sometimes you get a Blank HUD other than the Pitch Bar Lines ???????

F-14A+B HUD Instant-Action Take-Off Caucasas.jpg

F-14A+B HUD Instant-Action Free-Flight Caucasas.jpg

F-14B Manual - HUD.jpg

F-14B Manual - HUD2.jpg

F-14 Air-to-GND HUD has Heading Scale.jpg

F-14 Air-to-GND HUD has Flight Path (Velocity Vector) Marker.jpg

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10 hours ago, draconus said:


Ha at the very least, yes. This section should be locked behind sort of NATOPS evaluation quiz, which should be completed before you get permission to post anything here lol. 

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18 hours ago, Lt_Jaeger said:

How are the settings on the PDCP? 


I believe that on one pic you have it on take off and on the other on cruise or a/a. 

This was my first thought, that vertical speed indicator is for the takeoff mode, the "blank" one as you say is cruise. Weapon symbology is on A/A

Fly fast and leave a pretty wreck

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