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NS 430 gone entirely


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Any and all reference to NS430 has disappeared entirely from my system. No sign in game at all.

going to make coffee and do a game "Repair" I will come back and tell you what happens.


Have performed a "game repair" Nope, any and all reference to NS430 has gone.

Updater number

Game number


NS430 ? like it never existed.

I didn't remove it. If no one else has had this happen I will forward a bug thing maybe. Or at least ask ED if they changed the rules.

Gone from here.PNG

Gone from here also.PNGGone from here.PNG

Gone from here also.PNG

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still searching
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Thanks for that. However not showing at all let alone activated.
At this point in time I must admit to something rather drastic, I 'm in the process of an unin/reinstall of the entire game.
About 30mins to go. Very early morning here and not sure if I should mess with it at this hour.
I will post as soon as I have a result.




Ok, uninstall of game followed by reinstall has resulted with the return of NS 430 unit.
I really must hit the hammock, I'm done for the day. (yesterday)
Just had to tell of the result.

All fixed, back to how it should be.
Absolutely no idea how it disappeared, why it went??
But it went, and is now back.
Thanks to all.



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