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Yak-52 - Brazilian PT-19 PP-HLB


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Hi guys, 


I decided to make a livery of a much loved PT-19.


The Fairchild PT-19 Cornell was a north-american aircraft use as a primary trainer. Several were brought to Brazil from USA during WWII and used by the Brazilian Air Force on the military pilot training from 1942 to 1960, when they were transferred to the civil aviation. T

About this Livery:
The livery is fictional because it was originally applied to a PT-19, but it depicted on the Yak-52 as accurately as possible. This specific SN (211) was made in 1948 and served the Brazilian Air Force until 1961, then it was allotted to the Pirassununga Air Club, Pirassununga, Brazil. The same city of the Brazilian Air Force Academy. I had the chance to fly this airplane four times already, including formation flying twice. It is a delight to fly and extremely well preserved.




Available on User files download.

How to install:
1st Option:
Extract the Brazilian PT-19 PP-HLB folder to your F:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\Yak-52\Liveries\Yak-52\ folder.
Remember to double check your HD drive letter and DCS destination folder.

2nd Option
Extract the Brazilian PT-19 PP-HLB folder to your C:\Users\"YourUserNameHere"\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\Yak-52 folder

If you don't have that folder, you may create it.
Remember to double check your HD drive letter and Saved Games destination folder.

All the best,


Recommended video:
Sydy flying the PP-HLB 



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