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[ADD] Seperate SPECIAL options AND/OR Axis for Radar Elevation Slew vs WMD7 Pod Zoom Slew (similar to Radar TDC and Pod TDC slews)


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Dear Deka,


For the TDC Cursor slew, there are 2 separate sensitivity customization options in the SPECIAL menu, that allow you to have separate tuning for those cursors (personally I like my TDC cursor for radar fast, but for the pod slow).   It's great!


But for the ZOOM on the Pod, it's linked and tied to the Radar elevation.  And I'm finding that you only get one of 2 results.  With the factory setting, the zoom is great  for quick zoom in and out on the pod for A2G work, but at this setting the radar elevation is WAY to sensitive.  It's basically so sensitive you can almost never easily get low contacts inside 20nm etc since you go to -30 degrees or worse way too fast, especially in a crisis situation when a fine touch might not be possible.   Alternatively, if you tweak your axis limits or sensitivity to make the radar friendly to move up and Down for A2A merges, then the Pod zoom is extremely slow.. so it feels like it takes forever to investigate multiple ground contacts from range with the pod in this scenario.


Could you separate these out? It would be really helpful for those of us whom have an axis slider for zoom (rather than an axis knob).  I'd want to have one setting in the SPECIAL menu for Radar Elevation Speed and a seperate one for WMD7 Pod Zoom Speed. 


Alternatively, you could build an option set of 2 separate axis in the controls menu so I can bind the radar to one axis, and the pod zoom to a completely separate axis.  Either solution would be great, but programming both sets would be AMAZING. 


Thanks again for a great jet,


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