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Switching to Russian speech/voice-overs in Campaigns and Training that support it


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Hello !

I spent a few hours searching the internet for the answer..


How do I switch to Russian speech in say L-39 Kursant campaign or Mi-8 Memory of Hero ?

(or other campaigns or training missions).


Say, for Memory of a Hero both languages are listed:

Voiceovers English, Russian
Briefings/Subtitles English, Russian


In my regular DCS install it was in Russian (which I prefer).


In DCS beta install the speech is English in the same campaign for some reason.

Same goes for some other Training modules and campaigns with multiple languages supported.


There are some configuration files in SavedGames/DCS that control it ?


I could not find the sound files in subdirectories of DCS World/Mods/campaigns directory (which seemed like a straightforward place for them to be).


How do I switch localization for Training missions and Campaigns ?


Thank you for your help




I found how to change localization for the whole install: Config/lang.cfg


but I still wonder if it is possible to change localization for individual campaigns


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There is a global setting for languages, but I don't know if it works for campaigns.

Might be worth a try though. Let me know what happens, I'm curious.


DCS.OpenBeta/scripts/speech/common,  lines 2718 thru 2749

local language = {
    RUS = 'RUS',
    ENG = 'ENG',
    GER = 'GER',
    FR    = 'FR',
    SPA  ='SPA',
    CHN ='CHN',--by uboats


local defaultLanguage = language.ENG


local languageByCountry = {
    [base.country.id.RUSSIA]        = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.UKRAINE]        = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.BELARUS]        = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.USA]            = language.ENG,
    [base.country.id.UK]            = language.ENG,
    [base.country.id.GERMANY]        = language.GER,
    [base.country.id.FRANCE]        = language.FR,
    [base.country.id.SPAIN]            = language.SPA,
    [base.country.id.INSURGENTS]    = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.ABKHAZIA]        = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.SOUTH_OSETIA]    = language.RUS,    
    [base.country.id.ITALY]            = language.ENG,
    [base.country.id.AUSTRALIA]        = language.ENG,
    [base.country.id.SWITZERLAND]    = language.GER,
    [base.country.id.CHINA]            = language.CHN,--by uboats
    [base.country.id.THIRDREICH]    = language.GER,
    [base.country.id.YUGOSLAVIA]    = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.USSR]            = language.RUS,
    [base.country.id.KAZAKHSTAN]    = language.RUS,


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This is how it works: DCS reads the language setting at the start and then uses it for everything like UI, missions and messages. Missions are miz files in zip format and contain folders with different laguages. If there are files in the set language folder they are used in the mission. If the mission creator did not provide them then default set is used. You can edit normal mission file and move the language files around but it won't work with DLC protected miz files.

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