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Mission 10: Half my flight crashes or goes AWOL before combat starts (Open Beta

Colonel Akir Nakesh

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Hey everyone!


Mostly enjoying the campaign but the long startups combined with AI silliness is leaving me a little frustrated. Just attempted the M2000C Red Flag mission #10 and:

  • Voss and 2-2 (Tornadoes) crash on takeoff
  • Joker (Mirage) crashes after 24 minutes on the commute north, likely due to Tornadoes flying low and slow the entire way, as they were waiting for Voss and 2-2, who crashed on takeoff, to get saddled and never increased their speed.
  • Shagrat and Twister 3-2 (Tornadoes)leave after about 43 minutes, leaving only Raku and 1-2 to do begin the SEAD run.


So this leaves 5 out of 10 of my planes out of the action before the action even starts... Thankfully, one of the enemy F5s also crashes upon spawn 🙂  What would have been an 10 vs 6 fight ended up being a 5 vs 5. After killing one aggressor Mirage, I was bingo fuel so bugged home and got gunned down by the last enemy Mirage. 


I know I need to git gud with the Mirage but it's frustrating with all the AI silliness tilting the tide of the battle -- AI mishaps causing me to lose 50% of my flight while the enemy only loses 17% due to AI.


So my questions are:

1. Are there any current workarounds to get through mission 10's AI crashing or going AWOL?

2. Is there a way to use the mission editor to air start us all at higher speed and altitude to so I can start where the action begins with hopefully my entire flight intact?

Thanks, and you may deal directly with me now:

Colonel Akir Nakesh

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