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P-47D - Brazilian Smoke Squadron Col. Braga - Fictional.


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Hi guys,


Smoke Squadron is the popular name of the Brazilian Air Force Demonstration Squadron. Col Antonio Arthur "Braga"  was the pilot that has more hours flying the AT-6 and Commanded the Smoke Squadron for many years. Affectionally called "Chief" by many (including me), he was a very kind Commander and beloved by everybody. His demonstrations were breathtaking. He started flying in the Smoke Squadron in 1959 and the very next year he was leading it.
I had the opportunity to watch him flying many times and was mesmerized by his stick and rudder skills. He died December, 8th, 2003 and I attended his very emotional funeral. Of course, the Smoke Squadron flew over it.


The livery is fictional because it was originally applied to a T-6, but it depicted on the P-47D as accurately as possible. His personal T-6, tail PT-TRB, is in the Brazilian Smoke Squadron Hangar, at the Brazilian Air Force Academy, Pirassununga, Brazil.





Available on the User Files Download Page.


Recommended videos:
Cel. Braga e seu T-6



Col. Braga flying his T-6 



Esquadrilha da Fumaça 61 anos 





All the best,



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