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Setup homing beacon in WW2 map.

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34 minutes ago, Tarres said:

I have no problem setting beacons in the Caucasus map, but I´m unable to setup a working beacon in a WWW2 to test the R1155 of the Mossie.


Is it a bug or I´m missing something?



i just spent the better part of a day doing about 8 such beacons... its a little wonky for me at least. it seems some freqs don't work, or when they do you add another beacon on different freq and either the first no longer works, or both don't. but i got 8 up and going.

fyi i set mine to neutral, same country.

what map you using, i did mine on channel... i have a test mission i used to try and figure it out, cause i was going crazy thinking i couldn't get it to work and then realized you have to check every beacon after you add another beacon. if they stop working you have to go back and change the freqs.

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18 minutes ago, Hunter Joker said:

Try look here:



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i've had problems, don't know how much was self created... but on channel map at least. i can get them to work on SP, but put the same mission on server and nothing.

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