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Gun crosshair inaccuracy after activating JDAM then Gun


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Steps to reproduce (see gun5.trk):

- Open the trackfile and take controll

- Turn on A/G modein the store page

- Ativate JDAM

- Deactivate JDAM

- Activate GUN

- Note that gun impact are way to high over the crosshair (Crosshair seems to be not calculated corectly anymore)





For me it looks like the terrain elevation will not be considered anymore after activation of the JDAM.

I added another track file "terrain_elevation_test.trk". Note that at "Sea Level" the pipper seems to be corect but in the mountains not.

terrain_elevation_test.trk [Edit] I mentioned JDAM not JSOW

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Just ran into this myself. I don't have a track but I can confirm - used JDAM, then gun landed way high in reference to the pipper.

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This has already been reported and I have added your comments to the report. 

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