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Liveries and paintkits for Civil Aircraft Mod (CAM) by DimOn


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Hello guys and gals!


A few months ago I decided to add some local flavor to my Marianas template.


It quickly became evident that CAM's textures aren't up for the task, and for the best results I must make my own paintkits.


So I ended up overhauling, or painting completely new, base textures for most planes in this mod. And then created liveries for nearly all airlines that have (or had until recently) regular flights to Marianas.


The result is two quite massive packs that I'm sharing with you today:


1. Authentic Marianas Livery Pack




The first pack contains 37 accurate repaints of the majority of civilian planes that can be spotted around Guam, Saipan, Tinian and Rota on a regular basis. About half of these skins can be used on any other DCS map without breaking the immersion.


  1. Air Busan A320
  2. Air Seoul A320
  3. Asia Pacific Classic B727
  4. Asia Pacific Classic B757
  5. Asia Pacific Modern B757
  6. Asiana Airlines A320
  7. Asiana Airlines A330
  8. China Airlines A330
  9. Continental Airlines 1991 B737
  10. Continental Airlines 1991 B757
  11. Japan Airlines 2002 A330
  12. Japan Airlines 2002 B747
  13. Japan Airlines 2011 B737
  14. Japan Airlines 2011 A330
  15. Jeju Air B737
  16. Jin Air B737
  17. Korean Air A330
  18. Philippine Airlines A320
  19. Skymark Airlines B737
  20. T'way Air B737
  21. United Airlines 2010 A320
  22. United Airlines 2010 B737
  23. United Airlines 2010 B757
  24. United Airlines 2019 A320
  25. United Airlines 2019 B737
  26. United Airlines 2019 B757
  27. Marianas Generic Gold C210
  28. Marianas Generic Gray C210
  29. Marianas Generic Red C210
  30. Marianas Generic White C210
  31. Marianas Generic Abandoned C210
  32. Marianas Generic Retired C210
  33. Marianas Air Transfer Blue C210
  34. Marianas Air Transfer White C210
  35. Star Marianas Air Rainbow C210
  36. Star Marianas Air Rose C210
  37. Star Marianas Air Ruby C210














2. Enhanced Blank Liveries and Paintkits




The second pack contains clean unmarked liveries and paintkits. Two of them (747 and 727) only have minor improvements over the originals, but the rest were created essentially from scratch, and are as detailed and realistic as their models permitted. They all have custom normal maps and roughmets. And every paintkit is thoroughly layered for fast and efficient painting.


  • Livery: Clean A320
  • Livery: Weathered A320
  • Livery: Clean A330
  • Livery: Clean Cargo B727
  • Livery: Clean B737
  • Livery: Weathered B737
  • Livery: Clean B747
  • Livery: Clean B757
  • Livery: Clean Cargo B757
  • Livery: Clean C210
  • Paintkit: A320
  • Paintkit: A330
  • Paintkit: B737
  • Paintkit: B757 Passenger
  • Paintkit: B757 Cargo
  • Paintkit: C210
















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- Dmitriy

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Thanks a lot @Minsky ... amazing work, I will for sure employ them and not only on Marianas 🙂

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