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Caucasus Free flight hangs on load


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Same here, seems to be getting stuck on "spawning objects" phase, but I never waited more than a minute or so and killed the process (thus no logs to post here).


Will try again, wait longer and see what happens.


EDIT - OK, waited longer and the mission loads after all. That being said, on my PC, 3 m 10 sec. for loading at first attempt (and 2 min 50 sec at second one) seems a bit excessive when, for comparison, takeoff practive mission for example takes 22 secs to load. True, there are more AI planes in Free Flight mission, but not THAT many. I wonder what's causing such a delay then? Logs created after quitting DCS immediately - attached below.




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i7 9700K @ stock speed, single GTX1070, 32 gigs of RAM, TH Warthog, MFG Crosswind, Win10.

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