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Freya and Würzburg EWR? Do they work?


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I just did some testing with German EWR stations Würzburg Riese and Freya.

Please see mission file and track attached.

I was able to contact them by setting them to my Fw-190 A-8 frequency of 40 MHz AM.

From the north there are some B-17 groups incoming in 2000 m and 6000 m well within the detection ring displayed in mission editor or F10 map.


Both stations always respond with "clean" message, so they seem to detect nothing.

Is there something I'm mission here setting them up?




Freya_Wuerzburg_Fw-190A8.trk _Freya_wuerzburg_test.miz

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Freya at least used to work, in that it would spin and work as an EWR (IIRC).


The Würzburg-Riese is a gun-laying RADAR, and should work like a fire-control RADAR, using (AFAIK) conical scanning to track targets.


As RADAR fidelity in DCS is not the best, perhaps they're waiting on implementing tracking modes, like conical scanning (which would also apply to the SON-9 for the AZP S-60).


I'm not even sure our current gun-directing RADARs actually do anything besides trigger RWRs.

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