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S-200 SA-5 site not launching 2nd missile for a very long time, + missile wonky flight


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See track file, after 1st missile misses, site takes ages to launch next missile. 2nd issue is that 2nd missile makes many hard g-turns during the entire powered flight, slowing the missile down/preventing the missile from building up more speed it seems.


two S-200 issues.trk

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While I did see the super hard manoeuvring, I didn't have any problem with successive shots, they seem to fire near a succeeding shot only a few seconds after the first missile has either hit or has self-destructed.


If you look at the tracks here, you should be able to see successive launches, which only took a few seconds after the previous missile self-destructed.

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I'm seeing it over correcting as well. What happens is the first missile will fire and track on you. If you jink left, right, left, right, etc the missile will eventually do some wildly unrealistic maneuver and decelerate down to an extremely low speeds. At this point the missile is falling, and unless it is destroyed the launcher won't fire a second missile. Real life SA-5 sites can shoot more than one at a time. See a program called Sam Simulator for more realistic SA-5 operation, it is pretty neat. 

Hopefully they figure out the SA-5 missile flight issues and it should be far better after that is sorted. 

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