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Mossie AI bombing 2 and 4


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when Ai is loaded with just bombs in bomb bay, Ai will open doors and drop internal bombs, but if Ai has full bomb load it will only drop the the bombs on the wings. also the lead aircraft has the right wing light about a meter or so below the right wing, all other Ai mossies lights look good.

Mossie Ai bombing internal and wing bomb.miz Mossie Ai bombing internal bomb.miz

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31 minutes ago, MarcT-NL said:

if the player (...) re-arms with full bombs, the bombs on the wings will not release

Ditto, though you don't really need to land to get this quirk.

I'm using "Takeoff practice" instant mission on the Channel map. Open window, ask chief to stick in 4 bombs (the mission begins with no payload) and fly. Bombs 3 and 4 (bomb bay) will drop, 1 and 2 (wing) will not.


i7-8700K 32GB 2060(6GB) 27"@1080p TM Hawg HOTAS TPR TIR5 SD-XL button/pot box

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I can confirm this also happens when starting cold and dark.

To reproduce, start cold and dark with no ordnance, then request any loadout or create custom with ordnance on the wings.

Then start up either auto or manually as in the startup checklists or in the ED startup video.

Any bombs in the bay will drop when you push weapon release, but the bombs on the wings do not.



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