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Confused on oil temps and radiator flap usage


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I initially mistookthe radiator flaps for cowl flaps and had been using them like I do on the P-47, but now I know that they're linked with oil temp, I'm still confused on how to use them:


1. Open/closed appears to have no effect on my oil temp

2. Chuck's guide says oil temp min is 110, max 130; use radiator flaps between these temps

3. I've never seen temps above 80 even at full throttle, radiator flaps closed

4. Tick marks on the gauge imply min is 30 max is 110

5. The DCS manual corroborates Chuck's min/max oil temps, but includes green and red tick marks that do not exist in the game


What is the actual normal oil temp range? When do I use the radiator flaps?

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As per handbook, flaps shall be used (temperature considered) on ground full open and in a climb half open and in normal flight closed. In DCS though, there doesnt seem to be any need in opening them at all. 


And yes you were right, the flaps are mainly there to increase the airflow around the engine, increasing cooling of the cylinder heads. 


As for oil, flaps have a limited influence on oil temp, since the oil cooler inlet is infront of the engine, and outlet even further at the front outside the cowling. 


Also, there is a bug reported about the oil gauge, so maybe we'd have to wait for a fix for proper visual representation. 

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I'm not sure about that i need to open them quite often, it very depends what is outside temperature. Due to very low max temp which is something like 70- 80C.

Thing is that oil temp builds up very very long in Anton it is opposite to Dora where oil temp builds up like crazy.

If you look close at temp gauge you will see green and red markers since same typ of marking i can find on RPM and ATA gauges then i take it as true engine limits.

After closer inspection red line is around 85C ish and operation range is 40C-68C

Manual states that 100-130 is operation range i don't think that this is true, if it is true then yes you dont need to use cooling doors at all.

I never tested it but i have them open fully at 70C so im not sure how high temp may go up.

And those cooling flaps are affecting oil temp not as rapid as in P-47 but they do for sure.


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