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Casual Adult DCS Group Looking for Pilots US/EU


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Do you have a life, a job, maybe a kid or two, and/or perhaps even a significant other? Do you have limited dedicated time to fly and you want to spend it in the air and not in required training's and meetings?


[FF] Fight and Flight is the fastest growing flight sim community that you may be looking for. With nearly 600 souls and over 65 full time members you will never be found wanting for wingman.


We have weekly community flight nights (no required attendance) and generally have members and non-members flying and looking for groups all day/night long. Come Fly and Fight with us on discord. https://discord.gg/J5RmjvEGgQ


We typically fly Blue Flag 80's, Modern, WWII, Korea, Storm of War, Rotorheads, and pretty much any other place the action can be found.

Bonus: We also have a large IL-2 BoX crew that flies out multiple times a week.


I look forward to seeing you in the air!


S! Fishe

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