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Updated Keybinds for UH-1H


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+ Added a number of separate on/off binds for switches.

+ Added IFF binds.

+ Added countermeasures binds.

+ Added ADF band and frequency as axis binds.

+ Added different speed options for ADF frequency binds.




- There isn't an absolute control for ADF frequency so that bind is a relative control. Still seemed of value since can use the axis to change the speed of the dial. Heavy axis tuning is required. What worked for me is deadzone of 5, 2 Y-saturation, and curve of 20.


Please note that the file is formatted for use with Quaggles mod: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector

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Adding features is great, thank you.

Changing the frequency of the ADF on the analog axis is then very uncomfortable.

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