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Mission 14 remark

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Hi BD,


On the route leg between WP4 and WP5 the other Hornet group following the E-3 on his right side, gets up to the E-3's 3/9 line. As a result, when the E-3 begins pulling her turn to right and slowing down considerably, the Hornets flying inside her right turn slide so far ahead of her, that they break formation, and make a pretty chaotic right 360 to get back behind the E-3. While doing so, they also slow down, and then buster to catch up, but yesterday I think we even lost one of them in the turmoil, because when they got back into formation, they were only the 3 of them.

Also, after WP7 the other group slows down pretty bad. Should I try to stay behind them (as if they would be a defense), or they also have to be behind me, so I need just to fly ahead of them, and they will follow?



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Hey! This is something I cannot fix, the AI just does these things and they change from patch to patch.. I will try to check it, but honestly I am completely bogged down with normal work, travelling a lot with almost no time at all for DCS, so currently I need to somehow prioritise things I do (so: fixing the major bugs and finishing Iron Flag / Raven One: Dominant Fury). 

Hope for things to slow down in October!

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On 9/7/2021 at 3:26 PM, Razor18 said:

because when they got back into formation, they were only the 3 of them.


Twice I've seen only 3 planes in Sledge team. The second time I checked with F2 view, the other plane was flying like 3k feet below, I have no idea why. 

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