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M09 IA problem?


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Hi, i'm playing mission 9, the campain is really great so far but i'm getting mad wih this misson 'cause i'm in my ninth or tenth attempt ton complete it with no success.


The problem is that the other hornets are doing nonsense things..


First, raven 1 flight never, and i say NEVER manage to destroy thin can on first try : raven 1.1 launches 2 mav and raven 1.2 launches only one of his, the result is 2 mav are destroyed by the SA 15 and the last one crash on the land...

Then, Raven 1.1 does a lot, and i say like A LOT of useless straffings passes until Raven 1.2 finally decides to launch his last maverick.


Sometimes i must wait 15 or 20 minutes before thin can is finally destroyed..


I saw some videos of the mission (like redkite's one) and on the video raven 1.1 and 1.2 launch 1 mav each, the first is destroyed but the second splash the target and it never happened to me.


And then appears the hellos.

Mi-8 flares seems to be VERY efficient because if i launch my fox2 with a normal lock the sidewinders never splash them.

But that's not the problem here, the problem is that Dutch, once he launches his two fox 2 (and miss thanks to incredible Mi-8 flares) make some passes and every time finishes his course underwater... (and i don't mention de damage model of mi-8 which can still fly with no problem with 1 or two splashes on aim9! or the script that doesn't work when they turn arround and the mission doesn't go ahead..)


So, well, i'm kind of desperate because with lots of wait before SA15 is detroyed i loose a lot of fuel and with my wingman under the sea, ammo's are a little light to treat all the targets.. So,  any suggestion?


I' play on OB build, don't know if it helps.


Thank for your great work and thank for your help!


ps : i can provide some tacview files if you want but the scenario are pretty much the same all the time...

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