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Phoenix fired by AI doesn't show on RWR

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So I was flying on Hoggit and people were complaining being shot by "invisible" missiles fired by AI Tomcats.


Initially I discarded that to human error (leaving RWR off), unawareness of RWR blind spots or just unawareness in general.


Until it happened to me. The Tomcat shot at ~20 miles and immediately turned around to evade an icoming 120C. The Phoenix still tracked and hit me with no RWR indication whatsoever except for the initial STT launch indication which quickly ended as the Tomcat did a 180.


Problem is, I can't reproduce it on single-player. No matter what I do the Tomcat launches in STT but, once it turns around to evade an incoming missile the Phoenix goes dumb. I tried engagement ranges between 40 to 15 miles with the same result.


I have the MP track and the TacView from the Hoggit session, but the MP track is large (172MB). I have no clue how to run a MP session so if someone could try to replicate it, or at least help me it would be appreciated.


People also say that it happens in the Hornet, but I was flying the Viper. I wonder if this should be fixed on the Viper side or on HB side?

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The Phoenix, to my understanding, shouldn't show up on RWR until it goes Pitbull. Which depending on how the target size switch is set, is as little as 3 seconds. The plane guides it in, then it goes active at a certain TTI depending on aforementioned target size switch.

As far as AI turning away goes, I don't know. I tend to fire my Phoenix's and then turn away 30 degrees to maintain separation while they guide.

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