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Late activation of ground-spawned client aircraft on dogfight server mission

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Hi there,


I'm trying to make client ground-starting (meaning: off airfield/ off-FARP) aircraft late-activated by supplying an area with C-130s.

Is there a way of doing that in a dogfight-server mission?


I'm thinking of putting units into a trigger-zone, which then would activate the aircraft, when a certain threshold of supplies, or a certain combination of units was placed within that trigger-zone.


I'm currently trying to "activate" Olf Orote on the Mariannas, but it's supposed to work on any area that is flat enough to support C-130s coming in and out.


Thanks for your help and cheers.



So ein Feuerball, JUNGE!

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Is this something you were thinking of?late activation.miz


The TF51 can't be joined unless the Hummer is in the vicinity of the Tower.

It will drive to the tower once the mission starts, and then drive away again.

As long as the hummer is inside the tower zone, you can join the 51, once it leaves you will stay inside the 51, but you can't rejoin. Order the hummer back to the tower and the 51 is available again.

Hope that helps to understand the mechanics



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