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[REPORTED] Waypoint Data Entries (Lat/Long)


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From A1-AV8B-TAC-000 (pg 1-254):



"Waypoint latitude/longitude entries require only the degrees and minutes to be entered, however the coordinates can be entered to the nearest tenth, hundredth, thousandth of a minute, or degrees, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds."


Currently only entries in the form of "DDD MM SS" are being accepted. The minimum required "DDD MM" will also not be accepted.


All entries should be stored and displayed in the format "DDD MM.mmm" as per the DATA display and the TPOD display.


The following are examples of valid entries for latitude as per the TACMAN:

  • N3541 -> N35°41.000'
  • N3541.2 -> N35°41.200'
  • N3541.23 -> N35°41.230'
  • N3541.234 -> N35°41.234'
  • N354120 -> (N35°41'20'') -> N35°41.333'
  • N354120.4 -> (N35°41'20.4') -> N35°41.340'


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