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Mission: Kill Rommel at Normandy. P51D-BF109K-WW2 Asset pack-Normandy Map

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Hunting Rommel                                                  23 Aug 2021 DCS World v2.7.5

By Mitch


P51D - BF109K - Spitfire - P47.

P51D Air Start Normandy Coast near Utah Beach.  BF109K over Beuzeville AF at angles 6. 

Normandy Map

WW2 Asset pack


AC and Loadouts

P51: HVAR Rockets and M64s.

BF109K clean

P47:  M65 and M64,

Spit:  Clean

You can change the loadouts before the mission.


This is s fun "Quick Mission" type for the Normandy, WW2 asset pack. It is setup very easy to practice either airborne or ground targeting with your wingman. I think I have it balanced enough to test most of your low altitude skills nicely. In this mission if you die it will most likely be because of you. Updated for a little more challenge.  The AI can shoot much better than they used to.


Mission: Find Rommel at one of the defenses at Utah beach and kill him ASAP.  Hint:  One of the defensive positions isn't like the others.  See picture above for idea of where he may be hiding.


Destroy the intercepting FW190s at Beuzeville before they can get airborne. Or not. I like to get them departing the runway once in a while too.  Few other threats and limited AA nearby thx to the 8th Air Force raids in the daytime and English raids at night throughout German occupied France. Upon neutralization of any AA threats or of the soon to be airborne threats locate Rommel on Utah beach and destroy him before Adolph makes him kill himself. He is at one of the 5 Utah Beach command points. Its late in the afternoon and you are low on avgas. Your home base is across the Channel at Ford Field. Dont dawdle too long unless you can land at night and or swim well.  Ive added some other German targets in the Bay so be wary of AA.  Maybe even a Naval Tgt ot two.  



A)  Flight

B)  Ford AF Approach


Intended for Hardcore VR settings. F10 location is available even though it shouldn't be  I have a low unit count for VR.


Go find Rommel and end the War early Pilot!  


I have a custom fantasy skin based in Kwitcherbitchin if anyone would like a copy.  Let me know and I can customize it with your name.  I would also be happy to share my P51D psd collection if interested in painting your own plane with a lot of the groundwork done in layers.






Edited by mitchelrobertson
Needed a bit more gas. Had to add even more. My crew chief cant tell imperial from metric I think. Added a few more assets.
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