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Fuel amount in tanks 3 and 4+5 when cold and dark with lower than 100% fuel


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maybe just a minor thing but I noticed the following. Please see screenshot and trk attached.


Starting with a reduced fuel load (say 80%) on the ramp cold and dark.

T3 will contain around 330 Liters. Tanks 4+5 will contain 780 Liters.

Cause Tank 3 gravity feeds to 4+5 and waiting some minutes, tank 3 will now contain 50 Liters and tanks 4+5 are full at around 1000 Liters.




Is it intended this way? Assuming that the refuelling process when starting in cold and dark from the ramp happened several minutes before the pilot to reach the cockpit, the fuel should already be in the state of 4+5 being full and only the surplus.

Currently it looks like T3 and T4+5 start with reduced fuel.

I guess T3 will only have any fuel if T4+5 is topped up completely and refuelling in T3 (if that's the main filling point) will immediately drain to T4+5 until these are full.


Thanks for taking a look



Mi-24_80_percent_fuel.trk Mi-24_100_percent_fuel.trk

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My understanding this is correct as is. 


The tanks once un-paused require the time to equalize. 


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Posted (edited)

Is there only one filler cap in tank 3 and 4+5 only fill through tank 3?

Just a bit nitpicking 😉

Than having this initial state described above will happen only when fueling process goes like this:

- tank 3 is filled up faster, than it drains down to 4+5

- than you need to stop refilling

- wait until 4+5 reach that intermediate level

- now fill tank 3 to this intermediate level

- immediately hop into the cockpit and check the fuel gauge as above

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